Ensure Success in Your Next Website Launch

Launch Guardian is a B2B subscription SaaS that allows you to compare your old website’s content, performance and structure to your new one.

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Clients ENjoying Stress-free website launches

new website
launches are

wake-up at 3am,
dread checking GA4,

with big changes,
lots of moving parts,
done all at once.


increase value
& boost KPIs,
but are failing
to do so.

a new site usually
means changes

New Site Structure

– Navigation
– Site Structure and Taxonomies
– Refactored Information
– Template Links Change

Incomplete Migrations

– Things Missed in the Audit
– Missing or Incorrect Redirects
– Key Functionality Not Kept
– Accidental Changes in URL

Content Refactors

– Important Content Changed
– Old Content Devalued or Deleted
– New Content Added
– Metadata like Title Tags, Topic Tags, Dates Change

resulting in
fall out like…

Unexpected Traffic Drops

More often than not, new site launches result in lost search engine rankings and corresponding organic traffic.

Analyzing where/why traffic is being lost is time consuming.

Lost Conversion Value

New sites are essentially a giant convoluted A/B test. Even in a net positive outcome, there will be loses.

Unlocking the where and why with spreadsheets is torture, even for the nerdiest intern.

Confused Users

The original site was familiar to users, but after significant changes, many elements became difficult to locate. This may lead to users abandoning the site.

Visual analytics tools can’t give you the full picture across 1000s of pages.

we stop failed
site launches by…

  • predicting issues before go live
  • ensuring best practices during launch
  • monitoring for issues and opportunities post-launch
  • answering with where and why when there’s a loss

Report #1

Topic Cluster Winners & Losers:

Report #2

Redirects Health Visualization

Fast Start-up without Hassle

Report #3

Compare Structural Changes Between Old & New

Report #4

Internal Linking Optimization

you enjoyed a relaxing launch as a result of using lg… what’s next?

Build More Momentum

  • Sort opportunities by impact
  • Enrich your new content with internal link references
  • Capitalize on gaps between your site and competitors’

Catch Issues Post-Launch

  • Sites change most after a new launch
  • Understand how Google updates affected your site
  • Track topic performance, not keywords

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